AI: A New Tool for Personalised Adult Learning

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is transforming the education landscape, redefining how we learn and interact with information. Increasingly, corporations and schools are adopting AI in their programmes to provide personalised and flexible learning experiences for adults.

One of the most effective ways AI is used in adult education is through the use of AI-based adaptive tools such as Google’s Applied Digital Skills programme. The programme is designed to provide personalised training in digital skills to adult learners, particularly those who lack the necessary skills to advance their careers. The platform uses AI to create personalised curriculums for each learner based on their preferences, past performance, and skill level. 

Another platform that leverages the power of AI is Duolingo Max, a language learning app that delivers a personalised experience to each user based on their language proficiency level, past performance, and learning style. With Duolingo Max, learners benefit from a tailored curriculum that adapts to their progress, providing them with relevant exercises, and real-time feedback.

The importance of AI-based adaptive learning tools is not limited to Google and Duolingo. Educational institutions have also started to use adaptive learning tools to create personalised learning experiences for adult learners. These tools assess learners’ skills and then create personalised assessments and recommended course content tailored to their learning styles. 

The Adult Learning and Education (ALE) sector has tremendous untapped potential to benefit from AI-based solutions that can transform adult learning provision through improved skills assessment and personalised learning opportunities. However, despite the undeniable potential, many adult educators remain sceptical of AI.

To bridge this gap, the AI4AL project aims to facilitate the mindful adoption of AI technologies in the ALE sector. The project seeks to develop a methodology an AI-based matching tool that will enable direct involvement of adult educators in the process of adopting AI-based technologies. Furthermore, the project will offer comprehensive training to adult educators on the use of the AI4AL tool and the application of AI technologies in the ALE sector. By doing so, AI4AL aims to equip educators with new skills to bring the benefits of AI to adult learners.

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