AI4AL project meets teachers, educators and students in Rome

On December 1st, 2023, in Rome, EGInA organised an open meeting to introduce the AI4AL project to a diverse audience. The event took place at CPIA 3 – the Center for Adult Education – and saw the enthusiastic participation of many teachers, educators, and students interested in the opportunities presented by AI4AL.

The focus of the presentation was the detailed explanation of the project steps. Paolo Russo outlined the activities slated for implementation within AI4AL, including the development of the Engagement Kit (Methodological Guide and Scenarios Repository), AI4AL Matching Tool, and Training Opportunities.

The initial phase involved clarifying the concept of Artificial Intelligence and its applications in schools, educational centers, and training courses. The aim was to facilitate and guide learning processes. The discussion guided participants through the AI4AL project, highlighting its primary objectives and the upcoming opportunities designed to enhance their skills and enrich their teaching toolbox.

The presentation served as a valuable occasion for receiving feedback and fostering discussions about Artificial Intelligence, exploring its diverse applications in the realm of education, and considering the benefits it holds for educators and their learners.

EGInA shared direct information with all participants, guiding them on how to enroll in the course and explore the included materials. Additionally, the session introduced attendees to AI-based solutions poised to revolutionize adult learning by facilitating improved skills assessment and personalized learning opportunities.

In the historic backdrop of Rome, EGInA’s open meeting not only disseminated crucial information but also ignited a dialogue resonating with the potential of Artificial Intelligence to transform adult education. 

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