The Engagement Kit

The first result of the project is an Engagement Kit that facilitates educators’ direct involvement in adopting AI-based technologies in Adult Education. Engagement Kit is composed of a Methodological Guide and Scenarios Repository:

  • Methodological Guide describes the rules for the engagement of educators and learners in the process of adopting AI-based technologies in the Adult Education sector, both formal and non-formal. The Guide also contains supporting information materials about the fundamental concepts on AI, its applications in ALE, the framework of adoption in Europe and the right approach to quality-data collection. The methodological guide distills and amalgamates the knowledge of the partners and is tested by piloting partners.
  • The Scenarios Repository complements the theoretical approach of the Methodological Guide, providing a series of practical examples that derive directly from the field experience of adult educators. Piloting partners create one scenario each to be included as examples for adult educators. The online repository, implemented with Wiki technology, includes a template and a wizard that help adult educators collect their use scenarios.

The Methodological Guide

The Scenarios Repository

The Capacity Buidling Webinars