Final Steps to AI4AL Resources Integration: Highlights from the Last Capacity-Building Workshop

On June 7th, 2024, the 4th and last AI4AL capacity building programme workshop took place. This final workshop focused on the sharing of experiences and reflections from piloting partners and associated educators, particularly dedicated to discussing the implementation and piloting phase of the AI4AL matching tool and exploring its possible adoption in various educational contexts.

The first part of the workshop commenced with insightful presentations from Ángel Martín Sánchez, educator from CyL Digital in Spain, Alex Ursulescu and Delia Borza from CPIP, Romania. They shared their firsthand experiences with the AI4AL matching tool, offering a comprehensive overview of the participation process and the various steps involved in engaging participants.

The educators highlighted both the advantages and challenges encountered during the piloting phase. They provided valuable tips on how to effectively involve participants and maximize the tool’s potential. Their feedback underscored the tool’s ability to enhance learning experiences while also pointing out areas that could benefit from further refinement.

In the second part of the workshop, participants were introduced to a guiding template for the creation of group learning scenarios. This template served as a reflective tool for participants to consider the potential use and integration of the AI4AL matching tool within their own organizations and country-specific contexts, using it in combination with other tools and processes in place.

The interactive session encouraged participants to think critically about how the tool could be adapted to meet their unique needs. Discussions centered on practical strategies for implementation, ensuring that the tool could be seamlessly integrated into existing educational activities.

After the closure of the capacity building programme, we are excited to announce the launch of the AI4AL self-paced path to train self-learning educators on the use of AI4AL and the application of AI technologies to the ALE sector. This initiative aims to empower educators with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively integrate AI tools into their teaching practices.

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