The Self-Paced Training Path

The evolving aspirations of artificial intelligence and its growing impact in various sectors, is tackled by the AI4AL project in a reality that aims to use the potential of artificial intelligence to empower education, with a particular focus on the adult education sector. To achieve this goal, the AI4AL project is dedicated to equipping educators and professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively integrate AI into their teaching methodologies.

The AI4AL Training Toolkit is a key component of this mission, providing a comprehensive and self-paced approach to empower educators, or other stakeholders in the adult education sector. It will be developed carefully to provide a structured yet flexible learning framework tailored to the unique needs of individuals who want to fully understand the complexities of AI in education.

In this page you can find:

A) The Training Toolkit, 

B) The Methodology for the content development, 

C) The actual course available in moodle, containing all gathered resources in all partner languages.

The Toolkit

The AI4AL training toolkit is the place where all the tools we have developed during the implementation phase of the “Self-Paced Training Path Development And Piloting” work-package of the AI4AL project. The goal of these tools is to train self-learning educators on the use of AI4AL and the application of AI technologies to the ALE sector. This document includes a needs analysis, the definition of training objectives and the extensive curriculum of the self-paced training path.

The Methodology for Content Development

Is a complementary document that the partnership designed in order to encourage the educators to even design their own self-paced training courses concerning similar areas of pedagogical interest, included the pedagogical framework used for the design of the contents as well as the technical and quality requirements for the design of the teaching materials.

The AI4AL Training Platform

The course requires the student’s commitment for 30 hours in online self-paced learning. The contents will be organised modularly and linked by a narrative that leads to the discovery of training pills through “missions”. The delivery platform created will be including the teaching materials, the pool of tools and resources collected to complement the contents of the modules and for a for discussion.