Adult educator Wali Ayobi about his experiences of working with AI in adult learning

AI4AL partner Pro Arbeit shares with us the experiences of Wali Ayobi, an adult educator with experience in the use of digital tools in adult learning who also joined the AI4AL training of tutors in Amsterdam on 19-21 April 2023.

As part of his work as a trainer, he has already been involved in two projects with young adults and trained them on various topics related to digitalisation and the use of digital media. For this work, no artificial intelligences were used specifically, but some digital supports (online whiteboards, quiz tools, video conferencing programmes…) gave him a wide range of possibilities for the use of different methods. 

For the preparation of further learning materials, toolkits or trainings, he uses artificial intelligences and likes to be supported in his research. As an advantage of using AI, he mentions the quick and easy research option compared to hours of literature research. The results are given a very good structure by the AI, which makes it much easier to read and also to understand the information.

There are further advantages to obtaining information through an AI: the texts are value-neutral, without the influence of an opinion, and other aspects that were not previously considered also find a place. If the AI is provided with information about the target group, the information and texts are tailored to the target group. Further questions and additions are answered by the AI and added to the existing text, giving the impression of a conversation with a professor.

Wali Ayobi is a part of the AI4AL team of tutors who will participate in testing our project’s engagement kit, a tool designed to facilitate the use of AI in adult learning. Additionally, they will pilot the matching tool, which matches skills to competencies for creating more efficient courses, and the training course for adult educators. The team of tutors, consisting of 10 adult educators, will be responsible for enrolling, with the help of the project partners a total of 100 tutors from September 2023 to December 2023 for further testing of the AI4AL matching tool.

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