Empowering Public Services: Introducing AI into Public Authorities

Empowering Public Services: Introducing AI into Public Authorities

AI4AL partner Pro Arbeit – Kreis Offenbach – (AöR) Kommunales Jobcenter as a public authority is embracing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in collaboration with EU partners to enhance service delivery and support long term unemployment. At the lead of this effort is the development and implementation of a training program and an AI tool […]

Kicking-off AI4AL Matching Tool Private Beta Test with Training of Beta Tutors 

One of the main objectives of the AI4AL project is the development of an AI and skills-based digital tool to support adult educators in their daily work and to match adult learners with the best learning opportunities. AI4AL project partner SkillLab leads this work with their expertise in the development of AI-based solutions to empower people in […]

AI4AL: Empowering Adult Educators to Embrace AI Technology

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, adult educators play a pivotal role in empowering learners of all ages to achieve their full potential. With a growing emphasis on lifelong learning, educators are continually seeking innovative ways to enhance their skills and adapt to the changing needs of adult learners. Understanding the existing knowledge, experiences, and […]

AI4AL project meets teachers, educators and students in Rome

On December 1st, 2023, in Rome, EGInA organised an open meeting to introduce the AI4AL project to a diverse audience. The event took place at CPIA 3 – the Center for Adult Education – and saw the enthusiastic participation of many teachers, educators, and students interested in the opportunities presented by AI4AL. The focus of […]

AI in adult education – Two milestones for the onboarding of educators

The discussion around the automated text production by the bot ChatGPT at the beginning of the year made the importance of AI in (adult) education suddenly visible. AI affects educational institutions at all levels. It can influence organisational development and business models. It will also affect the planning of offers, the development of learning materials […]

Call for tutors: AI4AL looks for adult educators to test its AI tools for adult learning!

The AI4AL project, which aims to promote the adoption of AI technologies in the Adult Learning and Education (ALE) sector, welcomes adult educators to actively participate in our project’s processes as tutors to test and pilot our AI-based tool and training toolkit, and to provide us with insights concerning their experiences with AI. Read more […]

An interview with Ángel Martin Sánchez about the use of AI in adult education

We have interviewed adult educator Ángel Martin Sánchez from CyL Digital in Spain from the ALL DIGITAL network about the use of AI in adult education and about his experience as one of the tutors involved in the development and testing of our project’s AI-based tool matching skills with training paths and job profiles. Have […]

AI in Education: The Future of Learning and Teaching

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping education while providing personalized learning opportunities, boosting productivity, and increasing access to high-quality education. Take a look at the excerpt from an article that explores how AI is transforming education, with examples of its applications and research-backed insights and read more on: “AI in Education: The Future of Learning and Teaching” […]