Empowering Public Services: Introducing AI into Public Authorities

AI4AL partner Pro Arbeit – Kreis Offenbach – (AöR) Kommunales Jobcenter as a public authority is embracing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in collaboration with EU partners to enhance service delivery and support long term unemployment. At the lead of this effort is the development and implementation of a training program and an AI tool and designed to identify the skills of individuals. This tool it is expected to serve as a crucial asset for job coaches, empowering them to provide more personalized and effective counseling sessions. Currently undergoing testing within the organization, the AI matching tool has already gathered significant attention for its potential to support job counseling services. By accurately mapping the skills of long-term unemployed individuals – especially migrants and NEETs – this tool aims to simplify their integration into the labor market.

The primary objective of integrating AI into public authorities is to enhance service quality and outcomes for citizens. Through advanced technologies like AI, local authorities can restructure processes, and better address the needs of their communities. As the testing phase progresses, the positive response of the AI matching tool highlights its potential to transform the way public authorities engage with and support marginalized individuals. By leveraging AI, job coaches can offer tailored support that aligns with the unique skills and aspirations of each individual, ultimately supporting economic empowerment and social inclusion.

The introduction of AI into public authorities represents a significant step forward in strengthening and modernizing service delivery and addressing challenges faced by long term unemployed people, migrants, refugees, NEETs and other disadvantaged groups.

Through collaborative efforts and innovative projects like AI4AL, AI is here to play a crucial role in supporting labor market integration and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

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