How AI Can Help Identify Skills and Boost Career Success: Insights from Training of Tutors in Amsterdam 

Tutors representing Pro Arbeit Kreis Offenbach (Germany) recently had the pleasure of participating in a training event hosted by Skillab in Amsterdam. The training focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education and specifically the development of a tool aimed at identifying skills of people in need, including long-term unemployed, refugees in camps and ex-convicts, to help them integrate into the labor market.

The experience of the Pro Arbeit participants at the training was incredibly valuable: They started the training learning about the historical development of AI and its potential in adult education. They also had the opportunity to use Chat GPT as an example of AI in action.

The most exciting part of the training was the discussion around how to shape the AI4AL Matching tool that will identify skills and recommend a clear path towards career success. The participants were excited to think about how AI could be used to help those in need, and inspired by the potential impact this tool could have on people’s lives.

Overall, the training was a great success: The Pro Arbeit Kreis Offenbach (AöR) team is grateful for the opportunity to participate in such an exciting project, looking forward to seeing how this tool develops and the positive impact it will have on the lives of those who use it.

“We believe that AI has the potential to change lives, and we are excited to be a part of this project. By using AI to identify skills and provide career guidance, we can help those in need integrate into the labor market and achieve their full potential.”

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