Registration open for the AI4AL workshop at the ALL DIGITAL Summit to test the AI tool

AI4AL Workshop: AI-Driven Skill Profiling for Education and Career Orientation

26.09.2023, 15:00 – 16:30, Algebra University College, Zagreb

AI4AL aims to facilitate a mindful adoption of AI technologies in the Adult Learning and Education (ALE) sector. An important part of our project is dedicated to the development of a methodology and a tool with the direct involvement of adult educators.

We are organising a session on 26 September (15:00-16:30) within the framework of parallel workshops at the ALL DIGITAL Summit 2023 in Zagreb to test our new tool with educators.

Workshop description: Our workshop aims to equip educators with the means for better skills needs assessment, personalised training offers and career orientation by teaching the fundamentals of an AI-driven skill-profiling and career orientation tool.

Participant profile: The workshop will be limited to 10 participants that should show a great interest in using technology for skills assessment and career orientation. After the workshop, the participants should enter a testing phase, to apply the tool on the ground and gather valuable feedback to better help learners find career guidance and eventually make informed decisions about courses. Participants will be given detailed information on the tool prior to the event and are expected to bring a smartphone. Wifi will be provided at the venue. We encourage all participants with an interest and the resources for such testing to join this workshop. No specific experience or knowledge in relation to AI is needed.

Prior registration required: Interested in joining our workshop and testing the tool? This workshop is only open to ALL DIGITAL Summit 2023 participants, so if you haven’t done so, please register to the summit here. Are you already registered to the summit? Then just express your interest to join the AI-tool testing workshop by filling out this registration form. We will get back to you with confirmation and further technical details to prepare for the session.

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