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AI4AL project aims to promote a thoughtful integration of AI technologies within the Adult Learning and Education (ALE) sector. Central to the project is the active participation of adult educators for the adoption of the AI4AL methodology and the matching tool developed, aiming at supporting learners with identifying their skills, needs and defining their plans for future learning, as well as providing educators with significant know-how on the needs of the learners. Through AI4AL trainers and organisations will also be able to follow the designed self-paced training path to better grasp the concepts needed to achieve a mindful adoption 

Programme description
Are you an adult trainer or an educator interested in integrating AI in your daily education practices? Are you running an educational organisation and want to make AI methodologies and technologies a part of your organisational setting? AI4AL project is organising a series of 4 online capacity-building workshops specifically designed to equip educators and trainers, as well as their organisations, with the knowledge and tools to integrate AI in their practices and organisations. Register now to join us and don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights and skills, collaborate with others and exchange best practices.

Workshop 1: Facilitating AI Integration: Strategies for Methodological and Technological Transfer
6 May 2024, 15:00-17:00 CET

In this very first workshop, designed for trainers and educators, experts in facilitation methods from EAEA and EGInA will guide participants through an exploration of techniques  and methodologies tailored for the transfer of methodologies and technologies within educational organisations. Through insightful discussions and practical demonstrations, attendees will gain valuable strategies to effectively integrate AI solutions into their teaching practices. 

Workshop 2: Exploration of the AI4AL matching tool
21 May 2024, 10.00-12.00 CET

The AI4AL Matching tool, designed through the ESCO and DigComp frameworks, aims at facilitating adult educators’ design of highly personalised training paths.
SkillLab, leading organisation in the development of the tool, will showcase the functionalities of the tool and engage participants in hands-on activities with the tool.
The workshop has been designed to meet the needs of trainers, educators, and also managing staff needing an extra tool to navigate the realm of skills and career development.

Workshop 3: Strategies for adopting AI4AL methodology and tools
27 May 2024, 15:00-17:00 CET

This session is specifically designed to bring together educational organisations and AI4AL piloting partners experts to collaboratively develop strategies for adapting AI4AL methodology and tools to different organisational setups.
Experts and tutors will share their practical experience in using the matching tool and related resources, analysing challenges and context-specific situations of participating educational organisations.

Workshop 4: Final steps to AI4AL resources integration
7 June 2024,10.00-12.00 CET

Building upon the foundational knowledge and analysis acquired in the previous session, participants will meet the other AI4AL piloting partners, further fostering dialogue and knowledge-sharing towards the adoption of AI4AL resources.

Participants profile:

The capacity-building programme is designed for 30 representatives of educational organisations selected within EAEA and All Digital. Selection will be carried out based on an evaluation of their motivation to join. The educators taking part in this process will become methodological and technology transfer facilitators within their organisations, replicating the methodologies acquired during the capacity building process in their local or national context.

As part of the latter activity, data will be collected by SkillLab to improve the AI4AL tool. This collaborative effort creates a circular approach, where insights gathered from educators’ experiences contribute to the ongoing refinement and enhancement of the tool.

Prior registration required: 

Interested in joining our capacity building programme and testing the tool? Please fill out this registration form! Once we receive your submission, our team will review your application. If selected, we will contact you to confirm your participation and provide further details prior to each session along with technical details to join.

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