AI4AL Online Capacity-Building Programme: Insightful Second Workshop to Explore the Matching Tool!

The AI4AL capacity-building programme continued this week with the second workshop, “Exploration of the AI4AL Matching Tool,” on 21 May 2024, attended by 12 dedicated adult educators. 

This session showcased the innovative AI4AL Matching Tool designed using the ESCO and DigComp frameworks. SkillLab, AI4AL partner leading the development of the tool, guided participants through its functionalities.

In the first part of the workshop, participants explored the Learners’ App and by creating profiles on this interface to be used by learners, they gained an understanding about how the tool can help learners match their skills with job profiles and learning paths. 

In the second part of the workshop, there was a demonstration of the Educators’ Portal, the interface to be used by educators and trainers to monitor the progress of learners and support them all along the way.

The hands-on exercises helped adult educators and trainers experience how the AI4AL Matching Tool can contribute to skill and career development.

Some views from the AI4AL Matching Tool’s Educators’ Portal 

An overview of job profiles matching the skills of a learner and an analysis of existing/missing skills towards such a career provided by AI4AL Matching Tool to adult educators and trainers.

The AI4AL capacity-building programme consists of 4 online workshops organised during the months of May and June in parallel with the ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2024 campaign. Each workshop is specifically designed to equip educators and trainers, as well as their organisations, with the knowledge and tools to integrate AI in their practices and organisations. 

Are you an adult trainer or an educator interested in integrating AI in your daily education practices? Are you running an educational organisation and want to make AI methodologies and technologies a part of your organisational setting? You can still join our capacity-building webinars to take place on 27 May and 7 June. Read more and register here.

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